YAGOW – Debut Record – Kinegram Animation from Anagrom Ataf on Vimeo.

Come rest, weary traveler. Your life has you busy and full of distractions. Your mind yearns for respite and relaxation. If life’s got you in the middle of a bad trip, Yagow’s freshman, self titled record is here with a fully-stocked backpack of supplies. They’ve got orange juice and a teddy bear, a sleeping bag and a pillow, so sit down and relax.

Yagow’s opening track, ‘Horsehead Nebula’ sets a tone that we’ll continue to see throughout the record: the crafting of an intimate and mesmerizing foundation which builds and grows steadily until a moment of ecstatic climax. Their expertise is seen clearly in the layering of the tracks. The drums and bass sound massive, the guitars wicked and trippy, and the vocals dreamy and resonant.

Our standout track, ‘moss & mint,’ has stuck with us since first hearing it. It rocks and sways like a rubber ducky in a turbulent ocean and is refreshing like a gin & tonic after a night filled with too many beers.

As trendy as the word ‘psychedelic’ may be in the contemporary pop music scene, this record fits our criteria for the genre: that it takes you on a journey. All in all, this record will take you on six different journeys into the unknown. Do yourself a favor and let Yagow be your trip guide. While this was originally released in June of last year, Crazy Sane was nice enough to do a repress of this record with a limited run of 300 copies. You can pick it up here in their shop. 

Christopher Lewis has roots in the woodsy, cornfield-filled, and conservative Indiana. In Groningen, the Netherlands, he fell in love and started a bookings and management business, COK Bookings, with his now wife, Annalie. He’s rather fond of psychedelic rock and fried chicken.