Wolves in the Throne Room are from the Pacific Northwest. Wolves in the Throne Room are the high priests of Cascadian Black Metal. Wolves in the Throne Room are collectively one of Schmutz’ favorite bands. Wolves in the Throne Room are playing Bi Nuu on November 19th and it is a Schmutz Presents show. We are very excited. You should come.

To say that Thrice Woven has been highly anticipated is an understatement. This return to their roots epitomizes what we appreciate about their approach to black metal: utilizing the power of contrast. They’ve always understood that, while relentless intensity catches attention, fluctuating intensity keeps it. So after a six year trough with only Celestite’s ambient soundscape, WITTR is back at the crest, and the view is great from up here.

The album’s opener, ‘Born From the Serpent’s Eye,’ immediately makes the listener aware that Wolves are back and haven’t lost any of their potency. After the initial string arrangement that brings you to an ancient place, the celestial architects barrage you with riffs, metronome like break beats and the growl of Nathan Weaver we’ve come to miss. The track seems to come to a clearing in the middle and at first listen are honestly on the edge of your seat. Slowly you hear the vocals of Swedish goddess Anna von Hausswolff coaxing you back from the abyss and the drones of the Weaver brothers take hold once more.

The subsequent track, ‘The Old Ones Are With Us,’ begins with an ominous monologue told round an open fire. The monologue conjures images of a weary and wizened traveller, speaking of the spring to come. Post spoken word, Cascading riffs akin to those of Celestial Lineage take back the mic, and the album is at its plateau.

Returning to the chunkier, more raw production of the early trilogy, the momentum is sustained through the very end of of the album. We see another vocal appearance from Hausswolff and a most brutal finish with ‘Fire Rage in the Palace of the Moon.’ It cannot be denied that Wolves are still building their monolith.

Thrice Woven is out on the band’s own Artemisia Records and can be sourced wherever quality metal is sold. If you’re as smitten as we are, join us at Bi Nuu in November for a night to remember. As presenters, we have some spare tickets to give away here. Hope to see you there.

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