Balagan | Impression Sessions

As some of our favorite hometown heroes, Balagan has been on our list for a long time. After making us really work for it, the gang finally came by the studio late one Sunday evening to test the patience of our neighbors and to make us feel things. Still riding the high of their new ep, A Mess #2, the bad boys of Berlin’s garage-psych hairy underbelly shared some of their latest cuts. If you like what you see & hear, you can catch them as part of No Kiddin’ later this month.

New Music Video – “Synth Mary” by Miles Oliver

Waves of palpable emotion wash through the expansive soundscapes created by the Paris-based Miles Oliver in his track “Synth Mary”. Taken from his most recent album, Color Me, Miles Oliver explores a more textured sound than we’ve heard from him in the past. The Grégoire Orio directed video is the perfect intersection of surrealist and melancholic, matching the almost tense build emanating from Miles Oliver.

For fans of Songs: Ohia, Scout Niblett, Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Check out Miles Oliver for yourself at Keith Bar on June 7th with a DJ set by Dane Joe of Baby Satan Records and Jealous.

More Miles Oliver:

Jars Releases New Video for ‘E’

Moscow noise rock outfit, Jars, just released a new video for their mosh ballad, ‘E’. The release is perfectly timed to ominously foreshadow what’s in store for their upcoming show at Cassiopeia on March 1st. 

The band’s guitarists and vocalist, Anton ObrazeenA, explains: 

“This is probably the only love song on the album, or better said, a song about its painfull absence. A sort of inner loneliness, which you can’t banish — the absence of the whole concept of ‘home’ and the impossibility to ‘come back home.'”

Video Premiere: Gym Tonic – B12 Injection

Our favorite local synth punks are feeling particularly generous this holiday season. Gym Tonic’s gift of a long-awaited new album comes topped with a shiny video premiere as the bow. The story of ‘B12 Injection’ begins with the viewer lazily channel-surfing through a sort of alternate reality in which all brands are Gym Tonic, before following the destructive daily routine of a salaryman. While nothing short of a nostalgic masterpiece, we were left with a lot of questions: Who is this sad businessman? What inspired this homage? Where can I get my own Gym Tonic shampoo-beverage? Karen Thompson, the band’s bassist, was kind enough to explain:

“We decided to incorporate ourselves and this ‘superbranding’ of the name Gym Tonic into the video to give a sort of 1984 or John Carpenter’s They Live vibe. The song itself was inspired by our dear friend, Andrew, who also happens to be the video’s protagonist. Once upon a time, Andrew was working as a financial writer on Wall Street in 1980’s New York.”

While seemingly ridiculous and satirical, apparently the rumors of Wall Street pencil-pushers receiving B12 injections throughout the workday was and is a very real occurrence.

“Some other tales regaled by Andrew definitely made their way into the video. Neither he nor we can take credit for the ‘bobbing for dildo‘ scene though.  That was one take of pure, unadulterated and spontaneous magic.”


Music Video: Joe James Boyle – ‘Difficult Phone Call’

You ever get nostalgic for those rainy days in the 70s when you had to run to the payphone and call your boo who you’re on the rocks with, trying to smooth things over? Yeah, me too. Fret not, we can relive it together with Joe James Boyle in his new video for “Difficult Phone Call”.

Shit can be hard in Berlin in the autumn and winter can create a sharp edge in any relationship. Long chats that don’t always end the way we want them is something that most around these parts can identify with. Don’t be shy, JJB is here to help externalize your inner strife.

Check out the single and video below.

For fans of Galaxie 500, The Stones, and The Jesus And Mary Chain a la ‘Stoned And Dethroned’.