Our favorite local synth punks are feeling particularly generous this holiday season. Gym Tonic’s gift of a long-awaited new album comes topped with a shiny video premiere as the bow. The story of ‘B12 Injection’ begins with the viewer lazily channel-surfing through a sort of alternate reality in which all brands are Gym Tonic, before following the destructive daily routine of a salaryman. While nothing short of a nostalgic masterpiece, we were left with a lot of questions: Who is this sad businessman? What inspired this homage? Where can I get my own Gym Tonic shampoo-beverage? Karen Thompson, the band’s bassist, was kind enough to explain:

“We decided to incorporate ourselves and this ‘superbranding’ of the name Gym Tonic into the video to give a sort of 1984 or John Carpenter’s They Live vibe. The song itself was inspired by our dear friend, Andrew, who also happens to be the video’s protagonist. Once upon a time, Andrew was working as a financial writer on Wall Street in 1980’s New York.”

While seemingly ridiculous and satirical, apparently the rumors of Wall Street pencil-pushers receiving B12 injections throughout the workday was and is a very real occurrence.

“Some other tales regaled by Andrew definitely made their way into the video. Neither he nor we can take credit for the ‘bobbing for dildo‘ scene though.  That was one take of pure, unadulterated and spontaneous magic.”