The NYC trio are back to do what they do best, punish you. On Sterilize, their eighth studio album, Unsane are as vital and brutal as ever they have been. Over the course of their 22+ year career the band has sharpened their skills for making end-of-days music in such a way that has left their peers by the wayside.

Unsane have a deep rooted fascination with violence and gore. This is immediately seen by picking up a copy of Sterilize and digesting its cover art. It’s also immediately felt when dropping the needle onto the first track “Factory.” Grinding bass lines that bludgeon, guitar riffs that cut like a sharpened, rusty knife, and howles so fierce and melancholic you would cry if not for the anger and adrenaline pumping through your body.

The entirety of the album is marked with an awareness of impending doom. The second track, “The Grind,” has the repeated and urgent prodding that ‘We’re gonna run outta time;’ demanding the listener to hurry the fuck up or perish. Song titles also include “No Reprieve,” “A Slow Reaction” and “We’re Fucked.” Unsane is preaching a gospel we all know by heart but never talk about. They know the end is neigh.

The final track and slow boiler, “Avail” finishes off the album with the biggest, sludgy-est riffs and slow, metronome-like drums. As Sterilize‘s longest track, it feels like you’re wading through a mire that is trying to pull you into its depths of warm ooze. When you finally reach the end of the mire, you’re not sure if you’re happy to be able to breath again or you’re crushed because the album is over.

Sterilize the the band’s first album for the un-fuck-with-able Southern Lord Records and should be acquired at your earliest convenience. Unsane will be destroying Berlin’s Musik & Frieden on October 8th along with Voltron and guess what… IT’S A SCHMUTZ PRESENTS SHOW!! We’ve got some tix to giveaway right here.

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