In Germany, Sunday is a government and culturally mandated day of rest. Regardless of what errands you may have, Sonntag Ruhezeiten says you need to keep it chill. With only a nagging hangover or the week ahead to ponder, we thought you might appreciate some music picks to get you through the week. Inspired by his Sunday malaise and altruistic nature, Ben Sharoni is pleased to present – Sunday Edition.

 Four Tet – Anna Painting

A new Four Tet collaboration was released this week, this time in cooperation with the musician’s lifelong friend, Anna Liber Lewis. Their work unfolded over a few months, taking the form of correspondence – Four Tet would produce music while Liber Lewis was painting. This co-produced piece was later exhibited and performed in the Elephant West gallery in London earlier this year.

Sudan Archives – Confessions

After last year’s EP, Sink, Sudan Archives sets out to release the first single from her upcoming debut album. The Stones Throw-signed violinist and singer has mentioned before her fascination with Sudanese fiddle music and combining that with her inclination to Funk, R&B and beat producing in order to create her unique sound. The first single has made me curious to hear more, but as the future album’s release date is still TBA, I guess I’ll have to be patient.  

Nils Frahm – All Armed

In this upcoming October, Nils Frahm will release the collection LP, All Encores, that contains all of his previous Encore releases. Each one serves as an extension to each of his last three albums. That being said, I am still waiting for Encore 3 – the extension of his latest album, All Melody. A fresh single – All Armed – forthcoming the third part of the trilogy, was released a couple of weeks ago. In it, the neoclassical composer showcases his renowned electronic and percussion skills.

Floating Points – Last Bloom

Since Elaenia, his 2015 release, Sam Shepherd’s Floating Points moniker was in sort of a coma, showing signs of vitality every once in a while. In the past couple of months, the signs have developed to a complete miraculous awakening, releasing a couple of singles and curating the Late Night Tales album. This week, Floating Points released Last Bloom, continuing the musical line from his previous single, LesAlpx. Last Bloom also suggests that a new album is on the way and that it’s due to arrive this October.

Ben Sharoni is a Berlin-based writer and radio broadcaster, originally from Tel Aviv. He is also currently finishing his MA in philosophy and writing his thesis on ideology.