In Germany, Sunday is a government and culturally mandated day of rest. Regardless of what errands you may have, Sonntag Ruhezeiten says you need to keep it chill. With only a nagging hangover or the week ahead to ponder, we thought you might appreciate some music picks to get you through the week. Inspired by his Sunday malaise and altruistic nature, Ben Sharoni is pleased to present the first installment of the Sunday Edition.

Alain Bellaïche – Sea Fluorescent


A new LateNightTales compilation is out, this time curated by English electronic musician Floating Points. LateNightTales is a series of albums released by Night Time Stories in which every album is compiled of different musicians showcasing her musical inspirations. Floating Points offers us a glance into his musical world, a mixture of ambient, soul, jazz, and some progressive. The progressive is represented by Alain Bellaïche with two tracks from his album Sea Fluorescent. Back in the 70’s, Bellaïche cooperated with the French electronic rock band Heldon for a short period of time, which might have influenced him to develop his unique sound – a mixture of acoustic/electric guitars, plus some jazz and funk that resulted in these tranquil, spacey soundscapes.

The Midnight Hour feat. Cee-Lo Green – Questions


With roots in the Harlem Renaissance and spoken-word, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad joined forces all the way back in 2013 to create The Midnight Hour, a “soul/jazz/hip hop” album, according to their Bandcamp page. While touring, an idea sparked: to record a live session version of the album. The setting happened to be Linear Labs, Younge’s own label. This Wednesday (08.05) you’ll have the chance of seeing them perform live at Gretchen in Kreuzberg. A great opportunity to break that repetitive weekly routine.


Kendrick Lamar fans might notice that the opening of Untitled 06 from Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered and the opening of Questions are identical. Lamar has used some of Questions’s early recordings for a track he wanted to incorporate in To Pimp A Butterfly, but it was later cut out.

The Mauskavic Dance Band – Late Night People


The Mauskavic Dance Band are a five piece band based in Amsterdam that draws inspiration from 70’s and 80’s Afro-Latin and Turkish psychedelia. Combining that with a contemporary reading of South/Central American rhythms, space disco and Punk, The Mauskavic Dance Band created a groovy sound that you can’t really define. Late Night People previews their debut album which will be released on Soundway Records at the end of May. Less than two weeks before the drop, you can check them out at Berlin’s XJAZZ festival. Hopefully the album will keep up with the single’s musical line – lo-fi, drums and lots of fun.

Christian Löffler – Ry


Christian Löffler’s third album, Graal (Prologue), was named after his town, Graal-Müritz, situated in northeastern Germany, just east of the Baltic coast. After touring heavily for two years and feeling at the top of the world, Löffler experienced a creative block when he returned to the studio. That was when he decided to go back to his roots – drawing, where his fascination with aesthetics (art and music) spawned from. While rediscovering the joy of unrestrained creation, he started work on Ry, the opening track of this album. The final result is an album which is a manifestation of art by music and especially the musical genres of techno, minimal, and downtempo psychedelia.

Ben Sharoni is a Berlin-based writer and radio broadcaster, originally from Tel Aviv. He is also currently finishing his MA in philosophy and writing his thesis on ideology.