In Germany, Sunday is a government and culturally mandated day of rest. Regardless of what errands you may have, Sonntag Ruhezeiten says you need to keep it chill. With only a nagging hangover or the week ahead to ponder, we thought you might appreciate some music picks to get you through the week. Inspired by his Sunday malaise and altruistic nature, Ben Sharoni is pleased to present the first installment of the Sunday Edition.

Damon Locks and Black Movement Ensemble – Statement of Intent/ Black Movement Theme

A four-year collaboration between Damon Locks, a visual and sound artist based in Chicago, and the Black Movement Ensemble has come to an end on May 31st. What was once Locks’ college project revolving around samples of speeches from the Civil Right Movement has evolved into a full album, Where The Future Unfolds. These politically charged tracks are both moving and inspiring, benefiting from the juxtaposition of Gospel, Jazz and Activism. The track above is actually composed of two tracks: the first half is dedicated to Locks’ sermon while the second offers a quick preview to what you should expect musically from the album.

George & Glen Miller – Easing

The Millers’ exploration of Caribbean sounds and rhythms started in 70s’ Trinidad and Tobago. There, they formed a band and fell in love with soca music, a marginalized genre that originated from Funk, Reggae, Afrobeat and Calypso. This single showcases the influx of origins in George & Glen Miller’s music – disco, soca, and soul – all in one piece.

Andrea Belfi – Strata

After his debut release in 2017, Ore, drummer and composer Andrea Belfi reveals a new mini-LP, Strata, with a first single. The Italian musician has shifted from playing drums to experimental forms of music after attending art school, eventually making a name for himself in the electro-acoustic world. In Strata, he began experimenting with Gnawa rhythms – a North African music style originating from religious and spiritual songs. The full LP will be released on July 5th on FLOAT records. 

Mehmet Aslan – 500K

While Turkey and Switzerland don’t share natural borders, they both have had a tremendous influence on the music of Mehmet Aslan. He was born to Turkish immigrants in Basel and so was familiar with Turkish music growing up. Simultaneously, he got to know Techno and Electronic music through his Swiss friends. This fusion led him to accumulate records, which developed into a uniquely eclectic collection. Later, he used samples from that collection, ranging from Turkish inspired tracks to mixes of Roma and Sinti folk samples, and integrated them into his own music, redefining it as cosmopolitan. This EP, Horizoner, featuring 500K, will be released on Highllfe records.  

Ben Sharoni is a Berlin-based writer and radio broadcaster, originally from Tel Aviv. He is also currently finishing his MA in philosophy and writing his thesis on ideology.