In Germany, Sunday is a government and culturally mandated day of rest. Regardless of what errands you may have, Sonntag Ruhezeiten says you need to keep it chill. With only a nagging hangover or the week ahead to ponder, we thought you might appreciate some music picks to get you through the week. Inspired by his Sunday malaise and altruistic nature, Ben Sharoni is pleased to present – Sunday Edition.

Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar

Sigur Rós’ Ágætis Byrjun has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Icelandic post-rock group’s second release, released on Fat Cat Records, had slowly gained recognition until finally gaining international buzz mainly due to internet message boards. It feels like their high-pitch vocals and bowed-guitar riffs have become a trademark within post-rock and ambient music. July 5th marked the beginning of celebrations, with a 4CD box-set containing some never-released demos, live shows and personal material, in between them you would find a 1999 Icelandic opera orchestra live-to-record for the Icelandic radio.

Yazz Ahmed – Lahan al-Mansour

The British/Bahraini trumpet player has shared the first single from her upcoming project, Polyhymnia, which will be her third album, released on IXCHEL. Her unique brand of psychedelic-Arab-jazz has received public acclaim, with a nomination from the Jazz FM Awards for her second album La Saboteuse. Lahan al-Mansour offers a glimpse into the new project coming to us in October.

Just Mustard – October

After their debut album was nominated for the Choice Music Prize in Ireland, the five-piece band from Dundalk released their second single, October. If you thought that Shoegazing ended somewhere in the mid-2000s, think again. This shoegaze/punk band magnetized me again with a tune that gradually builds up a momentum that is manifested through some dark industrial guitar riffs, and just as you expect it to explode, it fades into a haunting ending.   

Ivy Lab – When I Go

Ivy Lab’s EP Stars follows their Two Fingers collaboration, Orange, and takes a somewhat different direction. In Stars, the North London duo experiments with tranquil atmospheres, especially when in relation to their debut LP from last year, Death Don’t Always Taste Good. Though they are quite different, one could hear similarities. The most easily recognized one is All Day Swimming, which strongly resembles last year’s LP.

Ross From Friends – The Revolution

In Friends season 2 episode 3, Phoebe and Ross find themselves arguing over evolution. Is Ross From Friends’ The Revolution, his latest single from his upcoming Epiphany album, an homage to that episode? Who can say! After a promising start with both Aphelion and Family Portraits, then a deal with Brainfeeder, I’m eager to find out what he has been working on for the past year.

Yu Su – Watermelon Woman

Composer / sound artist / DJ Yu Su announced her debut release for Ninja Tune’s Technicolour. She grew up in China learning classical piano, and after her relocation to Vancouver, she started to produce her own music. That’s where Watermelon Woman comes in. After her last EP, Preparation For Departure, a minimalistic yet organic piece, she started working on Watermelon Woman. Her Bandcamp page states that the idea spawned after listening to the psychedelic intro of Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man. The release will include a Dub version and an orchestra version with Francis Inferno Orchestra’s interpretation.

Ben Sharoni is a Berlin-based writer and radio broadcaster, originally from Tel Aviv. He is also currently finishing his MA in philosophy and writing his thesis on ideology.