In Germany, Sunday is a government and culturally mandated day of rest. Regardless of what errands you may have, Sonntag Ruhezeiten says you need to keep it chill. With only a nagging hangover or the week ahead to ponder, we thought you might appreciate some music picks to get you through the week. Inspired by his Sunday malaise and altruistic urge to share new tunes, Ben Sharoni is pleased the first installment of the Sunday Edition.

Damien Jurado – Throw Me Now Your Arms

It took Damien Jurado, the American folk singer, just two hours to record his 14th album, In The Shape Of A Storm. In his latest release from Mama Bird Recording CO. he chose to ditch the drums and psychedelic/spacey atmosphere he is known for and produce an album with only his voice, acoustic guitar, and the sporadic support of Josh Gordon. Jurado embarks on a journey to understand the unknown and its ability to wash us away, versus the human connections which bond us. As he says in Throw Me Now Your Arms, “we are not meant to be on our own”.  

Prins Thomas – Sakral

I’ll be completely honest: I wasn’t aware of Prins Thoma suntil this album came out. Ambitions is his 6th solo album (2nd on Smalltown Supersound) and apparently it is different. He is best known for “space disco,” a genre influenced by electro, krautrock, psychedelia, and prog, but the tracks on this album are shorter and more concise in comparison to some of his other works. So, if you were a fellow poor soul who wasn’t familiar with his work, then this album is a good place to start.

Altin Gün – Süpürgesi Yoncadan

The psychedelic Turkish folk band is back with a new single from their upcoming album. After their celebrated debut album, On, the band carries on with Gece, which just released yesterday. Influenced by Anatolian rock and Turkish folk, they continue to push the boundaries of psychedelic rock. Inspired by 60s and 70s Turkish music, the band begin to find its own unique voice in the global psych-rock scene, and this sneak preview is brilliant.

Peggy Gou – Starry Night

The South-Korean, Berlin-based producer releases her first track for this year. It seems to carry on the feel of her acclaimed EP from last year, Once. The piano, clap machines and singing we got to know then are with us again for 2019. Even though it may sound similar to what we’ve heard from her before, it will be a great start for your weekend.