Why speak in full sentences when a few words do the trick? Sneaks, the one woman post-punk act from Washington D.C., uses spoken word statements, bass, and a drum machine to create impressive groove tracks. As a true minimalist, her songs are short, simple, and to the point. Her debut album, Gymnastics, was originally released as a short cassette but later reissued into the 16-minute work of art it stands as today. From her first album to her now third, she continues a simplistic method of making her tracks but expands the breadth of them by adding more synth elements. As she has expanded her discography she has extended the length of her albums carving a new path for her music career. Sneaks, better known as Eva, has a punk spirit within her that aids her in shows, commanding the stage and creating a striking experience for her audience. Every song she performs will make you want to move. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, come by ACUD Macht Neu on15.05¬†and see what makes Sneaks the best one-woman act around.