Friday | 13.09.19  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 20:00)
Zukunft am Ostkreuz | Laskerstraße 5, 10245 Berlin, Germany

HEADZ UP, Swamp Booking & Prophecy Productions present – Volume CXX – featuring:

Year of the Cobra (USA)

Fri, 13 Sept 2019
Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin
Doors 20.00h | Start 21.00h

VVK 10€ + fees | AK 12,-€
Tickets via KOKA36 ? Presale starts Fri, 09.08.

BURN ‘EM ALL. BEFORE YOU FALL. Friday 13th ain’t no cakewalk, when in September we welcome back our obscure friends and the piranha-teethed, sharp-hooked, HC-rooted and Seattle-based Stoner Doom Metal Machine in Year of the Cobra. Supported by Berlin’s Dark Ritual Noise Doom Dogs in VORDEMFALL, get ripe for an electrifying, fierce performance of the bizarre to blacken your soul!

Band descriptions:


Descending Dead Burning Heavy Stoner Doom Metal Warriors | Seattle, WA, USA | Prophecy Productions | Magnetic Eye Records | STB Records |
Official Video ‘Burn Your Dead’ (2018):

BURN ‘EM ALL. Since 2015 making giant ripples and a solid following in America’s and Europe’s Doom scene while already having played twice under our flag in the last two years, we are proud to welcome back our dear friends Amy and Jon of the piranha-teethed, sharp-hooked and HC-rooted Seattle-based Stoner Doom Machine in Year of the Cobra – still proving, that you don’t need a big budget or huge compositions to create an epic Metal sound with fuzzy and gritty monster bass riffs, powerful and melodic vocals as well as excellent drum work.

After their highly anticipated and impressive hell of a masterpiece debut ‘…In The Shadow’s Below’ – produced, engineered and mixed by Billy Anderson (Sleep, (the) Melvins, Neurosis, OM) and released on STB Records in 2016 – and after their latest EP ‘Burn Your Dead’ from 2017, YOTC currently work on their highly anticipated, next full-length to be released on Prophecy Productions while having kept the momentum highlighted by several festival appearances. We’re excited for this and advise y’all to get ready again for another cosmic, chaotic and fierce performance with this electrifying monster serpent!

FFO: Sleep, (the) Melvins, Acid King, Witch Mountain, Windhand, Castle – Metal Band


Dark Smiling Ritual Noise Doom Post-Punk Dogs | Berlin | DE | |

BEFORE YOU FALL. Since their foundation standing on the edge of Prog and Kraut, on the verge of Noise Rock and a ritual soundtrack, Berlin’s Vordemfall confront edgy composition with trance like repetitive patterns – preaching for things to be said – said loud and without filter. As silence is cancer. The duo’s tendencies are based on a deeply rooted paradox, when Monika Saint-Oktobre’s frontal and thick riffs as well abrasive and lustful vocals clash with Markus Sternberg’s highly percussive drumming, dipping into tribal beats and heavy Hip Hop grooves, almost hyperactive – thus creating an intense dialog while setting free emotions in a highly contrasted, haunted atmosphere. Especially on their new debut LP ‘Gravity Problems’ – released DIY in May – and its six sharp songs it comes clear, that VDF is definitely one of those band, which doesn’t leave space for compromises and depicts a hungry state of mind. And exists to erupt and leave stains. You’ve been warned.

FFO: Tortoise, Slint (official), Warpaint, HEADS.