Wreck and Reference

Absolute Still Life is the fourth full-length album by the experimental duo. The album marks a radical departure from the band’s heavy and noise rock origins and finds them driving toward a more electronic and abstract dimension. Like past albums, warped synthesizers and pillaged samples build up the harmonic elements of the songs, but the absence of acoustic drums gives Absolute Still Life a colder, more alien aesthetic. With fewer screams and stranger textures than before, Wreck and Reference find themselves alone again in uncharted and uncategorizable territory.
Despite once being a solitary project, Wreck and Reference have done several collaborations with other experimental artists including Ricky Eat Acid on See You Soon (2016) and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, performing during his installation at the Tate Modern museum in London and producing a techno track for his Heute Will Ich Frei Sein EP (2018). Recently, Wreck and Reference have contributed a track to the How To Dress Well remix album ONE TRAIN HIDES ANOTHER (2019).?


Bliss Signal

is the new electronic metal band featuring James Kelly (WIFE/ALTAR OF PLAGUES) and Shapednoise.
Bliss Signal strips down extreme metal’s mechanical repetitive elements to their essence, refined to a sharp, singular and powerful metallic core, swathed in expansive synths and ethereal textures. Blast beats are simulated by electronic drum machines while euphoric synths wash over a heavily distorted shredding guitar.
The result is a metal hybrid which is intense and propulsive, with an ecstatic, occasionally ambient quality. The expansive sound fabric of BLISS SIGNAL is one ultimately reflective of the project’s conjured moniker. A shining beacon drawing you to oblivion.