Wolf City Festival enters the second year of its festering existence, down down in the underground, where the slime still lives and the devil wears the crown.

Following the tradition that dates back to the first Live Evil Berlin edition, the fest will take place on the last weekend of May, Friday and Saturday 24-25th, right before the summer’s explosion.

The big news of this year is the change of location, which sees us move our dwelling to the beautiful space provided by Zukunft am Ostkreuz. A large biergarten in front of the venue, an cozy bar inside to hang out at, ample space for distros and food stalls in the backyard, same capacity as before and a rugged charme that fits the vibe just perfectly. And we might have a couple of surprises more…

Tickets can be purchased at the following address: wolfcityberlin.bigcartel.com

Early bird tickets are limited and will be available until January 1st or until we run out of them.
And so it begins…

Feast your eyes on the line-up for WOLF CITY FEST 2019:

The Ruins Of Beverast
Chapel Of Disease
Bloody Vengeance
Heavy Sentence

Starting as a one-man project in 2003, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST flourished into a full-flegded band in the course of 15 years, all the while enriching the atmospheric black metal of their early years with massive doses of doom, even leaning out so far as to touch psychedelia on their 2017 masterpiece, “Exuvia”, which came out as usual under the aegis of Ván Records.
Their live shows are as majestic as they are captivating, a storm of sound to reap the souls of the listeners away and lock them in a dark cave where the sound of water drops echoes into eternity.

A few years have gone by, since these hard-working Swiss titans-to-be were industriously opening every second festival on European soil. Two EPs and one full-lenght later, they have become headliner material, elevated their music to a very personal level, untouched and unconcerned with currents trends and niches, stirred up a few controversies along the way and generally became a force to be reckoned with.
True to their name, the duo has been powering through anything standing in its way, as the debut album “Hero” proudly displays, splitting the audience with some artistic choices that showed aslittle regard for clichès and expectations as thirst for musical development in its purest form.
With a second album well on its way to see the light in 2019 and a live show that fears no competition in terms of sheer power and unrelenting intensity, it looks like their ride into glory will continue unchallenged for quite some time.

If you haven´t been living under a rock in the last two years, you know that the crown of epic heavy metal resides between Texas and Utah these days. While we weren´t able to get Eternal Champion to join the party, we are more than glad to welcome Salt Lake City´s VISIGOTH once again to Berlin after their triumphal concert for Wolf City last spring.
Their music has been observed to make stones grow arms, in order to be able to raise both fists to heaven during the chorus. If old Manowar and Medieval Steel had a child, I´m not sure it would beat these guys at their own game. Dragons and foes drop dead all over once the first notes hit the air. Plus they have one of the best singers in the game nowadays. Incredible band!

The quartet from Cologne already took part in the first edition of Live Evil Berlin, living up to the reputation that sophomore album “The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art” had quickly gained them. Echoes of classic rock, space-y solos and even shadows of blues were beginning to creep out of their death metal fundament like maggot on a week-old corpse. The stage of putrefaction has been completed and a new creature has been reborn, as the new “…and as We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced the Eye”, released by Vàn Records in the dead of Autumn 2018, impressively demonstrates.
A description of their music in terms of genre tags would make it no justice; rest assured that the extreme metal component is still present and in good health but has been joined by influences and suggestions that pushes it well beyond its relatively narrow scope. A genuinely exciting musical journey and a damn catchy one at it. We await a lot from this band and are very proud to have them
perform once more at our festival, before they storm the heavens.

MAGGOT HEART is the brainchild of swedish guitarist/singer Linnéa Olsson (former member of Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures, Sonic Ritual and The Oath). The debut EP „CITY GIRLS“ has been making waves in the summer of 2017, gathering critical acclaim and boasting two swiftly sold-out pressings. Their 2018 debut album, “DUSK TO DUSK” expands on the sound of the EP, shunning categorizations and moving freely between post-punk and hard rock, with two feet firmly standing in dark territories of the mind and tales of urban decay.

Raw and brutal as the notorious Orwellian boot, forever stamping on a human face, BLOODY VENGEANCE are a well-kept secret in the European metal scene. Originating from the evil brood of Leipzig bands who slither around the Into Endless Chaos label, their members currently of formerly active in acts such as I I, Antlers, Serpent, Evil Warriors (to name a few), BLOODY VENGEANCE serve, as their name promptly conveys, a not-very-sublte portion of South American black/death violence coupled with Canadian supremacy goat worship. With an upcoming full-lenght on Nuclear War Now! Records, their rise to prominence is only a matter of time.

Histerical malevolence spewed forth by the Leipzig quartet, all cannons firing at once and never stopping until there is nothing standing anymore. Also part of the Into Endless Chaos coven based in Leipzig, I I have proven time and time again to be one of the most intense live bands Germany has to offer at the moment, their sound rooted in bestial war metal but full of nuances and dissonant melodies that elevates it beyond mere aggression.
After an EP and the split with Lihhamon iin 2017, everyone is eagerly awaiting their first album, with the band promising to be one of the rising star in the European metal scene.

Chemnizt spawned a monster. This trio has been active since 2012, probing with their tentacles the death metal darkness that in ancient aeons was home to foul creatures such as Morbid Angel and Grotesque. Some time has passed since the “…smouldering” 12” came out on Iron Bonehead and ABYSSOUS finally announced the release of the “Mesa” EP for November 2018. Expect the malevolence turned up to 11!
We are very much looking forward to their live performance at Wolf City Fest after the unlucky accident that forced them to cancel their partecipation in the last edition. This is quite clearly one of the best traditional, rotten death metal entities on German soil at the moment and your limbs should fall off at the mere mention of their name.

Where Piss called it quits, URIN took over. No, it's not a play on words, merely the truth. Arguably Berlin´s most brutal hardcore band of the last few years, Piss stopped dead in its tracks some time last year and from its ashes URIN has risen. Now speaking Polish and having turned down the darkness a notch, the chaos remains. Unreleting, distorted assault on the senses, sometimes verging on the experimental but always keeping a straight backbone. Punk as an axe through your skull.

Industrial swedish outfit TREPANERINGSRITUALEN has been known in metal circles for quite some time now, especially due to the morbid, ritualistic mood of its recordings and live shows, drawing more than one parallel to extreme metal acts in terms of atmosphere and aesthetic. Harsh and unrelenting, its music is a growl in the dark, a sacrifice to the gods under icy rain.
In the spirit of opening the doors of our festival to a celebration of dark and inspirational music above and beyond the borders of heavy metal, we rejoice in having the possibility to host this great
project in this year´s edition.

MATTERHORN took pretty much everybody by surprise in 2018. The self-released debut of these young Hellhammer/Celtic Frost worshippers from – of course – Switzerland started popping up everywhere, shows were being announced, records were shipped along with hand-written letters in the best underground tradition. And witnessed live, the hellish trio just furthered the conviction that we had to deal with a future mainstay. Unbridled youthful energy, paying homage but not merely coping the masters, armed with a somehow weird and very much personal aesthetic, musically, visually and lyrically, that shows no interest in genre tropes and cliques. This is loosened-up, intoxicated, rebellious dark heavy metal played with a sane appetite for destruction and it´s a joy to behold its unfolding.

A mysterious entity from the deep south of Germany, NEKROVAULT managed to raise quite a few heads with their debut-EP “Obscure”, which has been set free from the darkness it was conceived in by Aderlass Kunstverlag and Ván Records in the beginning of 2018. A raw, twisted mixture of death and black metal, which nonetheless does not dwell in cavernous halls of reverb and not does shy away from a certain melodic vein, but rather propels forwards with the force of a thousand devils shaking their tails and dancing in the firelight. A secret soon to be unleashed on the world.

We nearly had these Canadian warriors performing at Live Evil Berlin in 2017, then something went wrong and they had to cancel the tour… well, we kept an eye on them and what do you know, they bring out one of the debuts of the year with “No Fear to Persevere”! Power metal as it was intended to be in the 80´s, somewhere between the German school of early Helloween/Running Wild and US glories like very early Queensryche, Fates Warning and Jag Panzer. The guitar tone on this one should be enough to grant them a place at any festival in the world. Heavy fucking metal,bow and praise the gods of Steel!

Heavy duty NWOBHM from Manchester in the vein of Tank, Warfare and early Maiden if they had been stuffed with amphetamines and let loose on a motorbike armed with missile-launchers. Pure heavy metal with a drunken rock´n´roll edge. These guys have two 7” out at the moment and hopefully a long player will see the light of day in the course of 2019, so you can drink a million beers and go start a riot when it´s out. In the meantime, come get your ass kicked in front of our stage!

Portland´s BEWITCHER have been festering about since 2013, releasing three demos and a self-
titled full lenght on Diabolic Might in 2016. The satanic trio has since signed to the prestigious Shadow Kingdom and is working on a full lenght. What will be featured therein? Well, we suspect black speed metal will play an important part, as will invocations to unholy beverages, wicked women and a certain Lord of the infernal fields.
Venom might have wimped out three decades ago but their offspring is alive and well, riding on the storm and sowing the devil´s seed while sipping from the beer cauldron. Heavy metal at the speed of Satan!