Friday | 24.05.19  
Past Show
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TBA   (Door 20:30)
Life Goes On Release Party
Hangar 49 | Holzmarktstra├če 15-18, 10179 Berlin, Germany
Berlin Local Band Local Band

A long time coming, and Valerija Kravale Music debut album “Life goes on” is oficially done!
I am pleased to announce the artists joining me for this evening!

The Usual Boys (indie) 21.00
Valerija Kravale Music (psychedelic/pop) 22.00
Dane Joe xx Ciccone (creephop/dream pop/ambient) 23.00
Soela (experimental/dub techno) 00.00

tickets – 5EUR (“going” on FB till 23.05) / 7EUR on the door

[V.K. on the album]
“Life goes on” turned out to be a momentum of all the things unsaid, a story of moving abroad, a cry-your-heart-out type of collection for self-therapy. And yes, I always wanted to hold a CD with my name on it in my hands. Since 2016, to be precise.

Songs featured on “Life goes on” is my way of saying – yes, I moved on and I came out of this stronger.
I dedicate “Life goes on” to this broken generation – when mental health issues isn’t something that surprises us; the times, when moving abroad is easier and heavier than ever, when happiness is something so abstract it’s hard to realize it might even be here. To kids that belong to #DIYculture and drown in nostalgia of indie back in 80s, because it was something so real.

Well, it’s about the time for the release party of this creation of mine.
Are you ready?