Friday | 14.06.19  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 21:00)
Schicksaal im Tommyhaus | Wilhelmstraße 9, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Warsaw Pact Records // Refuse Records presents:

TZN XENNA is back in town and this time they’ll do two special sets – first one with only 1981-1987 songs and second with newer stuff from 2011-2019!
Two great local bands COLD LEATHER and MÄSH are also part of this punk evening!

TZN XENNA (Warsaw, Poland / Refuse Records / TZN Annex)
Polish punk klassik started in 1981 – the year of political unrest and tear gas. Part of the second wave of punk in local scene with bands like Dezerter and Deuter. During their prime time they released “Dzieci z brudnej ulicy” 7” (1985) and appeared at “Jak punk to punk” compilation. Their regular shows in “Remont” club in Warsaw are legendary. Reformed in 2011, putting out some new releases (two full lengths and two 7”s), playing as much as possible and still commenting current political situation in their home country – and there’s definitely not less to comment than back in the 80’s!

COLD LEATHER (Berlin / Adagio 830 Records)
There are equal bits punk, post-punk, and rock mixed into something that’s all swagger, caustic guitar slash, and venom awash in reverb (Razorcake)
If late 70s LA Dangerhouse rockers took a trip in a timemachine and just landed in 81 rainy britain and formed a band – Cold Leather would be it. (Rough Trade)

MÄSH (Berlin)
Old school punk rock. Clash style. Members of BLADES and BY ALL MEANS.

14.06.2019 BERLIN
Tommyhaus, Wilhelmstraße 9, 10963 Berlin
Start: 21.00