Thursday | 07.02.19  
Past Show
Show Time
20:00   (Door 19:00)
Arkaoda | Karl-Marx-Platz 16-18, 12043

“Two Tribes” Compilation-Releaseparty
Andrea Benini “Drumphilia” live
DJs: 2b fuzzy, Ubbo Gronewold
European music culture has never been closed, on the contrary – it has always integrated influences from all other parts of the world. The compilation “Two Tribes” makes an effort to give insight in how musicians living in Europe today incorporate and transfer muscial
traditions particularly from the African continent into their own oeuvre.
Featured on Two Tribes are a broad range of constellations, ranging from musicians with roots in African countries who reside in Europe to collaborations between European and African artists.
Andrea Benini, better known for his successful band project Mop Mop, is a musician and DJ from Italy. He recently released his Africa-oriented solo album “Drumphilia Vol. ” on the Agogo Records-sublabel Cristalline. His track “Jawa” opens our compilation and we are proud to bring him live to Arkaoda for one of his rare solo live performances to celebrate the release of “Two Tribes”!
After the concert “Two Tribes”-compilers 2b fuzzy and Ubbo Gronewold will spin some uplifting records from Africa, Europe and more for you!