Saturday | 15.12.18  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 20:00)
Cortina Bob | Wiener Straße 34, 10999 Berlin

Berlin, home of the easily triggered and offended!
You thought you were safe from the fart-a-licious sounds of your beloved city’s 17th most sweaty band THE SONNENBERGS! But you were wrong, oh so wrong, for on 15 December 2018, we shall once again provide the soundtrack to your next trip to Snowflakeville. Be prepared for a sonic assault which leading internet trolls describe as the “equivalent to repairing a broken pipe by filling it with more feces”. Ah, yes, indeed, it’s gonna be some fun times!
Our good friends PROTOKUMPEL will open the show for us and make you dance, sweat and sing so hard that you will probably be worn out and exhaused by the time we will hop on stage.
Love and mercy! XOXO