Wednesday | 05.02.20  
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TBA   (Door 19:00)
record release party
Schokoladen | Ackerstraße 169, 10115
Berlin Local Band Local Band

am 05.02.2020
um 20:00
im Schokoladen-Mitte
Ackerstr. 169
Berlin Mitte


THE SOMNAMBULIST (Record Release Party)
The Usual Boys (Indie/Berlin)
DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)



Marco Bianciardi: vocals, guitar, samplers
Isabel Rößler: electric bass
Leon Griese: drums

After Moda Borderline, Sophia Verloren and Quantum Porn, THE SOMNAMBULIST are now introducing the new album Hypermnesiac, probably their most significant record so far.
Over the span of 40 minutes, the band ventures into the territory of new wave turmoils, industrial chewings, jazz dislocations and funk tremors, relying on a tense and dynamic interplay between the musicians, while refining their innovative language which has never before come as close to the core of their artistic research.
This is the blistering material of a record which, with repeated playing, seems to both reveal and conceal, like a code constantly reproducing its own secret.

“With Hypermnesiac, the band renews a rock which is pretty far from lacking in stature and personality. Drowned in waters of excellence, it’s a stunning album” Muzzart (FR)

Set to be officially released on Friday 7th, the album will be already available for purchase in CD and digital format at the release party.

The Usual Boys

Berlin Jangle-Jazz-Indie-Rock band The Usual Boys formed in 2017 when these 4 boys met upon arriving in Berlin and immediately began cutting their teeth in the local indie scene.
They have a jangly, punky sound that smells like cigarette butts and stale beer with lyrics built on the drunken ecstasy of a night out and the hard truths ringing in your aching head the next day, their songs are snapshots of the lives of reckless 20 somethings whose roles in the world are constantly changing.
After two years of building a sizable local following by playing in some of the most infamous clubs in Berlin (Cassiopeia, Urban Spree, Musik & Frieden, among others) they released their first single “I’m Not the Asshole” in October of 2019: