Thursday | 02.08.18  
Past Show
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21:00   (Door 20:00)
Der Oker Keller | Okerstraße 46, 12049
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// Takeshi Nishimoto
(born in Fukuoka, Japan) is a classically-trained guitarist and composer who is conversant with European, Northern Indian, and American jazz classical traditions. In addition to collaborations with diverse artists late sitar master Rahul Sakyaputra to I’m Not a Gun associate John Tejada, Nishimoto has also performed extensively as a solo artist.
Since 2002, Nishimoto has been signed to UK/Germany based Record Label, City-Centre-Offices and performed major venues and festivals in the USA, Japan and throughout Europe.
Nishimoto is currently involved in many projects, ranging from soundtracks to gallery-based sound installations. His unique style of guitar playing makes him both a much sought after collaborator and mentor for a broad range of musical projects.
// Kazuhide YAMAJI
is a Japanese guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer, he has over 30 years of experience.
He was born in Yokohama in 1966, and now lives in Tokyo. In 1987, he started music under the influence of musicians like Television, The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Neu! and so on. The Guitar Magazine, known as one of the most famous musical publications in Japan, ranked YAMAJI at 49th in list the “Greatest 100 Guitarists of All Time in Japan” in 2017.
And in 1991, he formed a 3-piece band called “dip” with Yasushi Nagata (b), Noriyuki Nakanishi (ds). The band has been active for over 20 years and well respected by a lot of enthusiastic fans and followers in Japan. Besides that, YAMAJI’s own solo activities and works are also highly acclaimed.
“dip” has released 12 albums and two live albums to date. Addition to this, YAMAJI has released four albums and more than 20 CD-Rs as a solo musician.
YAMAJI, As a guitarist, he is highly regarded as a great improviser and played with famous and great musicians Keiji Haino, Tom Verlaine, etc.
YAMAJI has performed at “Fuji Rock festival”, one of the most big music festivals in Japanese the past five years in a row.
As a film music composer, YAMAJI composed and performed in several movies such as “9souls” and “Tokyo Rampage (known as “pornostar” in Japanese)” by Toshiaki Toyoda, a Japanese film director.