Friday | 14.02.20  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 20:00)
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Stupid Cupid
-short films, bands, music, party-

Featuring films
Hush – Tin Lee
Discovery Settings – Kat Vivaldi
Long Live Love! – Cadenza Zhao
Kim’s Big Date – Claire McFadden
EMBRACES & the touch of skin – Sara Koppel
Professional Cuddler – Mika Orr
Matches Made – Yin Yee Low
à la plage – Daphné Psarros
Meatsauce – Ashley Barnhill

Music after screening – starts at 22

Superlove :
Superlove started out as a recording only project with a number of cassette releases on indie tape label Z-Tapes. The project includes Maltese artists and musicians based in Berlin. Their music takes you on a dive through the warm fuzzy waves of their homeland alongside the melancholy of city life, with their blend of lo-fi dream pop, reverb organs, string synths, spacey guitar riffs and intertwining vocals. Their use of the Maltese language on some tracks, gives it all another dimension for listeners who have never heard it before. It is a bitter sweet world of addictively fun and bouncy tunes juxtaposed against quirky lyrics about hope and alienation that sounds as though Galaxie 500, Flaming Lips and Chromatics made a sound baby.

Superlove – Jarvis put the record on (Music Video)

Bandcamp –

Carbon Thieves:
Brandon Miller – singer/guitar
Florence Marriott – singer
Joe Smith – drums
Christopher Harney – guitar
Baptiste Bonafini – e-bass

Carbon Thieves is an indie rock band started by singer-songwriter Brandon Miller, the name is inspired by the lyrics of the Modest Mouse song ‘Parting of the Sensory’. Though we are always changing our band name, this one seems to be sticking around a lil’ longer than usual.
Carbon Thieves plays dark psychedelic indie rock with a lil’ sumthin extra… alien. Hatched in 2019. Brandon Miller is a Berlin based singer-songwriter and storyteller from Philadelphia, whose intimate warm voice and psychedelic folk songs immediately take the listener by the hand and into a labyrinth of campfire stories.


„Wenn Melancholie Musik wäre, sie würde klingen wie Sarsaparilla. Die Lieder von Brandon Miller schaffen das durch ihre einzigartige Mischung aus Folk, Singer/Songwriter und Pop. Mal singt der gebürtige Amerikaner mit zarter, mal mit fester Stimme – immer vereinnahmend und dabei doch subtil.”

After 1 till close

??Klaus Frühlingsbirne and E.T.??

rock n’roll , riot grrrl, garage, psych

*illustration from the amazing Garbage Pail Kids