a festival for site-specific music
in the old water reservoirs of Berlin-Pankow

bohemian drips returns to the old water reservoirs of Berlin-Pankow for a second edition of „Speicher“ festival. Within three days, 10 ensembles and solo-artists will explore and embrace the stunning acoustics of the two adjoining reservoirs with musical performances specifically developed for this occasion.

“Speicher II” is the second edition of a festival for site-specific music which takes place from the 15th to the 17th of June 2018 in the old water reservoirs of Berlin-Pankow. The immense acoustic scenery of the two water reservoirs will be witness to eleven concerts across genres which will open up a spectrum of styles oscillating between New Improvisation, Free Jazz, Electroacoustic music, Drone, Noise and Minimal Music. Carefully curated by “bohemian drips”, who alongside the artists approach the given space as an independent compositional dimension and as a joint starting point for musical, technical and performative processes, in order to set a common thread between music and architecture. The peculiar acoustic characteristics of the two water reservoirs stand out with their natural reverberation that can reach up to 18 seconds; an unusual scenario which usually doesn’t apply to a traditional concert or studio context. Hence, every composition and performance is distinguished by its absolute individuality.

Sandra Boss (Saturday, big tank)
• Sandra Boss (DEN | installation and performance on automated organ)

Saba Alizadeh (Saturday, small tank)
• Saba Alizadeh (IRN | self flagellation device, electronics)

Marimba (Saturday, small tank)
• Elia Buletti aka Delmore FX (IT | electronics)
• Paul Jones (NZ | stringed instruments)

Kudu (Saturday, small tank)
• Ignaz Schick (GER | sax)
• Els Vandeweyer (BEL | vibraphone)
• Klaus Kürvers (GER | double bass)