Friday | 27.12.19  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 21:00)
Peppi Guggenheim International | Weichselstraße 7, 12043 Berlin

Space Tigers is a Berlin based band gathered around Grgur’s & Vanja’s compositions. Their compositions are presented with a unique and original concept. Transformation of the melody into several parts of motifs as separate units, as lines or bass parts, the rearrangement of the melodic fragments from the original existing melody or harmony progress and sets it into the new.

It is like a journey of motifs and groups of tones mixed in different order and poly rhythms to bring every segment or detail from existing compositions into the new light. Call it Jazz, Grunge, Funk or Electro the Space Tigers it’s irrelevant because it is a Berlin style. Be aware of the invasion, it is not just a group it’s a movement, the Berlin Martial Arts of Music.

Grgur Savic – alt saxophone/compositions
Vanja Kevresan – el.guitar/compositions
Vega Jesus – drums

Eintritt frei, wir bitten um eine Spende für die Musiker. Vielen Dank.
Free entry, please donate some money for the musicians. Thanks a lot.