Friday | 15.03.19  
Past Show
Show Time
20:00   (Door 19:00)
Cafe MadaMe | Mehringpl. 10, 10969

Sister Chain & Brother John
Live at Café MadaMe
Tickets: 10euros (discount tickets 7euros)
Friday 15.3.2019
Mehringplatz 10, 10969 Berlin

Sister Chain & Brother John’s musical stories unfold against a backdrop of landscapes where fantasies and nightmares intertwine. In their latest program, the duo presents a song-cycle of utopias and dystopias hand-picked from their previous concept albums: Darkness to Warm your Heart and The Androgyne Show as well as their upcoming British themed album which features a mythically utopian England, as seen through the playful prism of exile: a suburban fairyland of woodsheds and tipsy ghosts, a nostalgic London of club cads and dissolute thespians, a dilapidated costume-drama set with cracks through which modernity creeps in to spoil the fun but ends up adding to it.