let´s melt again with the magicians Daniel Nimand, Quique del Bianco & El Fulminador:-)

Shit face shares passionate and trippy live sessions with Roland MC-307, Volca Loop, microKorg, guitars and more! They like it slow and dull (90 – 115 BPM) and sometimes rising high with the audience:-)

Experience the taste of E.i.S.(Electro inspired Sensuality) and enjoy an interactive performance. You could either watch it happen or be part of the mAGICAL dANCE mASAGE aCT.

Devote to the shit face sound and discover the underground party in your body.

Participate playfully and enjoy sensful konTakt & disTanz games….

….aaaand maybe you win the multiple hand dance massage – the feeling to be

danced horizontal!!!

Are you curious about how your shit face on E.i.S. feels like?

Doors open only: 18:00 – 19:00

For your own comfort bring Bademantel and Hausschuhe with you!


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the hug is the drug