let´s melt again

with the magicians Daniel Nimand, Quique del Bianco & El Fulminador:-)

Shit Face shares passionate and trippy live sessions with Roland MC-307, Volca Loop, microKorg, guitars and more! They like it slow and dull (90 – 115 BPM) and sometimes rising sooooo high with the audience:-)

CONTINUUM- The new Shit Face album – out in October 2019!

Devote to the Shit Face sound and discover the underground party in your body. Participate playful (free of any intentions) and enjoy the konTakt & disTanz games with open senses.

Taste the original E.i.S. (Electro inspired Sensuality) ….aaaand maybe you win the multiple hand dance massage – the feeling to be danced horizontal! Are you curious how your Shit Face on E.i.S. feels like?


Shit Face / Fulmen rec. (live)
Gabriel Soma (live)
the Swedi Shef (live)

Berlin-FriedeNOW (Am Flutgraben 3)
Doors open only: 17:00 – 18:30
Start 19:19

Gönn~Dir-Ticket: 35 Euro
Gönn~Dich-Ticket: 25 Euro
Vorfreude-Bändchen: 15 Euro (bis 10.10.19)

For your own comfort bring Bademantel and Hausschuhe with you!


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