Tuesday | 30.04.19  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 20:00)
Zosch | Tucholskystraße 30, 10117, Berlin

Come together for the devils dance on the Saint Walpurgis Night in the solemn catacombs of Zosch to the sabbath gathering of those considered to practice and revel tones of witchcraft and fuzzy sounds.

As Goethe once said;
„Ein bißchen Diebsgelüst, ein bißchen Rammelei. So spukt mir schon durch alle Glieder die herrliche Walpurgisnacht.“

Psyched Stoner Doom – Chicago (US)

“A journey through deep dark heavy psychedelic oceans in a neoprene dry suit made of Heavy-Psych Fuzz from outer space. A whole hypnotic & psychotropic trance heading to mysterious abyss where an unparalleled beauty hides among epic moments of madness.
Narcotic and velvet tracks to fulfill your placid inner journey, with moments in which Floydian harmonies are subtlety shown. A continuous Karma based on effects and distortions that fades to re-spawn in slow and heavy doom moments.” – #22 for »Calm Black Water« at Doom Charts October 2018. (

#19 at The Obelisk Presents: The Top 20 Debut Albums of 2017 for REZN »Let it Burn« (

– Weedruid
Weedian Stoner Doom – Berlin

Slow fuzzed out stoner doom grooves, sonically pleasing to blend together into one giant mega riff. Into the Acid Swamp!

Tuesday, 30.04.2019 (Next day is holiday!)

Tucholskystrasse 30
10117 Berlin

Doors 20.00 h
Show 21.00 h

(Bar upstairs at Zosch is open from 4 p.m.)