We are collaborating this time with Little League Shows & Swamp Booking to bring you 2 hot bands from out of town:

Pop. 1280 (Weyrd Son Records, Sacred Bones Records)
& SKY I sorrowkillsyouth ( Baby Satan Records)

at Schokoladen. doors 7pm, show starts around 8pm! aftershow-dj set by Dane Joe.

Pop. 1280 / USA
[Sacred Bones Records / WERYD SON RECORDS]

The NY based Industrial punk band have just released a new album. “Pop. 1280 wallow in the same pool of pigfuck sloppy seconds as East Coast contemporaries Pissed Jeans and the Men, but where those bands respectively soften their blows (somewhat) with wry observations about domesticity and knowing classic-rock references, Pop. 1280 offer no such salve” / Pitchfork


SKY I sorrowkillsyouth / Warsaw

Warsaw based sonic exorcist, known for her dark, atmospheric and heart wrenching live sets. Through the musical language of nightmares and dreams, the sound of haunting vocal harmonies and cinematic, gloomy synths, she struggles to reconcile with ghosts of the past and put to sleep her inner demons. SKY debuted in 2017 with warmly received EP “lullabies” (Black Verb Records, Popnihil).

Her latest album „p r e y” (Baby Satan Records) experiments with the metaphorical dawn, where sadness and anxiety interludes with the feeling of self-empowerment and sudden bursts of energy, gloomed by constant sleep deprivation. Apart from producing her own music, SKY is also responsible for most of the visual aspects of her project.

Since her live debut, SKY played over 60 concerts, both in her home country and abroad, performing alongside such artist as HTRK, White Ring, Bleib Modern or Soft Kill. SKY is also a member of electronic duo Garden Of and actively supports other musicians as a booker under U n i c o r n moniker.