Thursday | 06.12.18  
Past Show
Show Time
22:00   (Door 20:00)
Liquid Sky | Mehringdamm 61 (2nd backyard, Basement), 10961

ANALOGmusiq presentzzz:

DEF release

Polly Powder live
Chainblocker live
Felix Heermann live

Live Techno – Grungetech – Experimental

ANALOGmusiq hostzzz this special event series on nearly every first Thursday of a month as your perzzzonal PREP room to drop in and out. All electronic music is played live – as usual at famous #lsb02 – but more and deeper TECHNO and even more DANCING. You can smoke CIGARETTES and soap. SPACE DRINKS aggregated with eternal LOVE by fantabulous Maze staff. No dresscode, maybe not.

Doors: 8pm / Music starts 10pm
No admission fee.
2€ artists support added to first drink.
Strictly 21+

Thanks to Gearporn.Berlin / Fashion City / Dr Walker / Asbest