Sunday | 26.01.20  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 20:00)
'Just Another Jewish Guy' Release Show
Tennis | Reuterstraße 95, 12053 Berlin
Berlin Local Band Local Band

The new ONE ROOM HOTEL’S EP ‘Just Another Jewish Guy’ is released on 17th of January. It gives you enough time to learn the songs by heart and shake it hard at the beloved and cozy Tennis bar!

One Room Hotel is the solo project of Noach Engelhard, an acclaimed Poet from Tel-Aviv (now based in Berlin), that combines modern sounds & primitive desires. A performer who’s not afraid to show real emotions on stage and to write memorable pop songs.

‘Just another Jewish Guy’ is the second EP by One Room Hotel. The main themes that it deals with are: being in love while being Jewish, emotional haircuts, cold coffees, internet connection, and horny animals in wet forests.

pic by: Tom Kleinschmidt