Saturday | 28.09.19  
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TBA   (Door 17:30)
Multiple Venues | Berlin
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A 2 day 7 venue multi band many DJ DIY festival is coming to the neighbourhood? No Kiddin’.

Featuring live shows from Adventure Team, Adrie, Bad Hammer, Balagan, Balcony DC, BifiBoij, CV Vision, Unofficial: CYBER, Dandy Deniz, Discovery Zone, Doris, Eazy, Emperor X, Farao, Francesca Belcourt, Gigolo Tears, HELMUT, Itaca, Jae Tyler, Lamb Kebab, Liiek, Martha Rose, OCA, R&D, Sarah & Sten from The Music Band, Skiing, slimgirl fat, Sloe Paul, Soft as Snow, Special-K, Two Gospels, Usted, WORLD BRAIN & YOR.

+ DJs Barry Burns, DJ Blue Hawaii, DJ Darmok, DJ Hering & Friends, DJ Moyes, Cadence Weapon, Educated Body, Giraffi Dog, happy new tears, Linda Lee, Lolsnake, Mansions and Millions All Stars Feat. Better Person, DENA & Karolini, Molly Nilsson, No Drama, & Sean Nicholas Savage.

+ Exhibiting artists Colette Pomerleau (at Tennis) and Molly Dyson (Das Giftraum /// Mo Kiddin’: Posters by Molly Dyson).

Participating venues include An Der Autobhan*, Das Gift, Finale Sportsbar, Intrnet Explorer, Loophole Berlin, Sandmann & Tennis Bar.

No Kiddin’ tees available now at Tennis.

Passes available at Das Gift, Loophole, Intrnet Explorer, Obst & Gemuse & Tennis.