Friday | 17.01.20  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 21:00)
Villa Kuriosum | Scheffelstraße 21, 10367

Sonic Curiosities is a bi-monthly night of performances, sound installations, new media and video-art at Villa Kuriosum: a ramshackle underground venue and community space inside a sprawling community garden. The Villa’s spaces are filled with material curiosities, from taxidermy to aged musical instruments and jars of preserved biological oddities. We bring artists, makers, performers and members of the community together to share ideas and showcase work in a space which challenges the dominance of ‘white cube’ exhibition contexts.

At the third iteration of Sonic Curiosities on January 17th, expect experimental, interactive and experimental works, delicious home-made nachos (veg/vegan) and a speciality cocktail (to be announced.)

Performances by:
Nicolai Versterker Krog & Jeremy Coubrough
Julio Lugon
Tat Sham
Michael Tuttle

Audio-visual projections by:
Hyewon Suk
Eagle Wu