Thursday | 17.05.18  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 20:00)
Köpi | Köpenicker Str. 137, 10179

NERVØS! • blind stupid rage//stjordal//norway
HURE • endüstriedeströyer//bln
ORTURE • atanic adaism//bln

noise / punk – stjordal, norway
Aiming for a trance state by repetition, blind/stupid rage, and a relation to sound as an overwhelming physical presence.
Each track they relentlessly beat down maximum 1-2 insanely heavy riffs, with filthy as hell distortion, pissed beyond belief vocals and caveman beats from the land before time. Matched with their huge wall of sound, harsh background noise and shifting guitars and drums they will make you crawl on all fours until you forget your mother tongue!

industrial / noise – berlin, germany
berlin’s masked endüstriedeströyer is doing it again…
HURE hasst alles und jeden!

black metal / noise – berlin, germany
a new band, that crawled up to earth’s crust from different realms of the underground to deliver satanic dadaism. A raw black metal assault with shredding guitars, blasting drums, unholy roar, massive contrabass drones and gut grinding harsh noise layers. Convulsions of the black emperor’s hammer, cold sardonic industrial tremor and the nuclear dragon’s breath will unleash the beast in each and everyone of you!