Moment Festival is a music festival which brings electronic, ethnic, improvisation and jazz music together. It is a one-day festival which is inspired by the interaction between Berlin and Istanbul.

We are a group of people from different backgrounds. Almost everyone from our team has lived or is living in a country different than their homeland. We all share Istanbul as a connection but our home is Berlin now! We want to highlight the connection between Istanbul and Berlin, a bond which is getting stronger and popular.

Main Stage:
Lost Songs Of Anatolia ‘Live’ – Anadolu’nun Kay?p ?ark?lar? ‘Canl?’ ‘Canl?’ ft. ?evval Sam

Club Stage:
Ah! Kosmos
Korhan Futac?, Antonis Anissegos, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Ay?e Cansu Tanr?kulu
140journos presents ?okopop b2b BXA (Live DJ Set)

Epikuer presents: Lab Stage and Workshops (Visuals by: Mahir Duman)
Can Kaya
Francis Flux & Guests
Sudden Beach
Sound and listening workshop: Reporting on the Momentary Anton ????? Kats & Francisco Petrucci

Garden Stage:
Asena Bulduk
DJ Gorki (Görkem Bereket) and Dr. Lokmann (Serhan Lokman)
Dj sar?y?lan // Kaan Sezyum
Taxim Sound

140journos: Seküler Göç Oturumu
?okopop’la Çok Özel: Ye?ilçam’?n Uluslararas? Emelleri “Bobby Teardrops ve La Gang dell’Arancia Meccanica”