Modern Bön presents its IVth annual ceremony, bringing 14 AV live sets, multimedia and performance art in a one-day-festival in Urban Spree, Berlin.

This year we will focus on a more introspective direction presenting a line-up of musicians and electronic producers in a strong bond with visual and performance artists, that with abstract sounds and hypnotic experiences, will perform a modern ritual for the contemporary era.

The collaborative live premiere of Hermann Kopp (composer of the soundtrack of the cult horror Nekromantik) with the young talent Lorenzo Abattoir under the alias “Psicopompo” will open the rite.

The other acts will feature as well as immersive multimedia performances :

Hermann Kopp & Lorenzo Abattoir Present “Psicopompo” A-V Live

Kris Vango Presents “Venus Ritus / Ares” A-V Live

Verge & Ana Brumat A-V live

Ellen Dscm Presents “Site Singing” Live

Sciama Presents “Broken Circle” Live

Otone Presents “The Tetsu Series “ Live

E.I.N. Presents “The Fraudulence Paradox” A-V Live

zvh (Tadas – Yaga Gathering)

SR60 Presents “Kys“ A-V Live

Krysalidis & Baris (0bapek) A-V Live

Limited Capacity 200 Tickets