Wednesday | 28.08.19  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 19:00)
Acud Macht Neu | Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, Germany


This summer we celebrate 5 years of ACUD MACHT NEU in the backyard of the cultural center and former milkhouse. Every wednesday evening together with former partners and friends of the house we have prepared an eclectic program throughout the summer with concerts, performances, talks & Summer Cocktails.

This new Acud Macht Sommer night will be dedicated to unexpected sounds and electronic experimentations with the Live of MAREC and DJ Sets by Junis und Nils [Ziese Cashmere Radio] and Ross Alexander.

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A nineties kid born during the Internet-age, whose equal love and defiance of technology generate the contrasts of the music he presents to the world. One day dreamy, one day melancholy, one day happy, one day angry. Get yourself lost in the web, from leftfield electronics to ambient, from UK 90’s dreamy sounds to cloudy trap beats. A sampler, a few synths, a computer and some effects to play his music live, on an improvisational form, specifically for the occasion.

Junis und Nils [Ziese Cashmere Radio]

Junis and Nils curate the monthly Cashmere Radio Show “Ziese”, a monthly missive presenting minimalistic music in unseen contexts and alternative forms. Before “Ziese” they also took part in the electronic music collective Label “Summe” ? which got layed to rest after 5 years and 8 beautiful releases.

Ross Alexander [Discrepant]

After roughly 20 years of involvement in the world of underground electronic music it’s still not easy to pinpoint exactly what space this man occupies or what it is he actually does.
A self-proclaimed ‘self-sabotaging-non-careerist’ who slips without second thought between field recording expeditions to sub-Saharan Africa, hyper-electronic-hi-time dancefloor djsets and creating deep-jams with his freeform digi-jazz band, the only theme is a chaos pattern of deep experimentalism and hardline rejection of the limelight. His work over time has brought releases on labels as bizarrely diverse as Deeply Rooted House and Discrepant Records, and still his mottled and at times untraceable output continues to surface at the most obscure of sources.

His current show on Berlin’s Cashmere radio ‘Bread.6K’ is perhaps the best current indicator of where his head is at, a labyrinthine world of ultra-abstract sonics and sounds from the further realms of contemporary musical experimentation.

Collage artwork by Ross Alexander