Saturday | 14.03.20  
Past Show
Show Time
20:00   (Door 19:00)
Art Stalker | Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 67, 10627

Saturday 14.03.2020
Lucie & The Robot & Hyper Opal
Concert starts: 20:00 Uhr
Pre-sale: 8,-€

Tickets available at ART Stalker at the bar (daily from 18:00) or online–berlin/art-stalker/ART Stalker

Lucie & The Robot – fresh Synthpop refined by Lucie’s eclectic voice and her delicate violin. The „Robot“ consists of drummer Paul and pianist Hannes – a reliable engine to Lucie’s Flightmachine. Lucie doesn’t have any limits. She takes her passengers on a trip that starts on the bottom of the ocean and leads them through the woods inside and outside of us. At the end of the set she travels through the inner workings of a convoluted brain before she flings everybody right up into space! Lucie has released two singles in 2019, „The Brain“ and „Old Theater“ under her producer name „Lucia VOX“. The trio’s first EP is on its way for mid-2020.

Combining the unique elements of their native lands (Germany and France) , the duo’s sound is focused on the remains of humanity as seen through a technological line of sight, that is in part fueled by the progressive environment of Berlin. The moody vocals of Hoffmann come to the listener as if her spirit were trapped inside the water, her soul wandering the woodlands. This combined with the passionate, sometimes rebellious, haunted rhythms of Tidiane creates a style of music some refer to as empathy driven “Tech Noir”.