Wednesday | 08.05.19  
Past Show
Show Time
21:30   (Door 21:00)
Orania | Oranienstraße 40, 10999

Wednesday May 8 | 2019

LRK Trio at XJAZZ Festival 2019

Doors: 21:00
Stage: 21:30

Ticket: 15.00€ + VVK

Presented by FluxFM, taz, ASK HELMUT, Jazz thing, HHV Records & Crack Magazine

If there is something that can be marked as Russian jazz scene’s hot export item in 2018, that is the LRK Trio. LRK Trio is, strictly speaking, a piano trio – but it’s not just another piano trio; the award winning Moscow-­based group really is something else. The band never resorts to the ordinary. The abundance of timbre and colors within the band can puzzle an unprepared listener, not just in sheer volume of instruments used but even more so, in rich harmonic textures, ever-­shifting grooves and polyrhythmic patterns and above all in generous outpour of melodies which instantly remind of the vast legacy of Russian classical and folkloric music. Yet, LRK Trio are very modern in their sound. Though they even add electronic elements to their music sometimes they never let their listeners forget that they come from a distinctive, globally influential musical culture of their native country.