East Side Delta and Toast Hawaii are excited and proud to present a crazy night, featuring:

KOOL TUR, a mystical blend of different cultures, East and West jumping together into one alchemic sonic formula of modern vibes with Mediterranean ethnic roots. A fresh combination of middle eastern melodies and rhythms, synthesizer hooks, keyboards drenched with reverb, nostalgic guitar tones and a blazing bouzouki all floating on top of a funky, pounding rhythm section.
Kool Tur’s live show is a colorful celebration of music, a multi-dimensional voyage, completed by the beautiful and passionate performance of dancer Adele.
Always sweaty and uplifting, the rhythms and grooves of Kool Tur will make any pair of feet dance and every ass shake.


The night will go on with the best beats and riffs with East Side Delta DJ-set.

Before the concert on the stage Glamour Bangs Madness show by the Berlin Burlesque Academy, with also a special hypnotizing act by Kool Tur’s Dancer ADELE. It will be a night of music, dance & laughs.