Saturday | 08.02.20  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 20:00)
USU pres.
Zukunft am Ostkreuz | Laskerstraße 5, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Unlimited Sonic Use presents:

Kokomo (Dunk!records / Germany)
FFO: Explosions in the Sky, God is an Astronaut, This Will Destroy You

In diffcult times such as what we face today, it is often ourartists that shine most truthfully and with the strongest sense of urgency and purpose. For an instrumental band it can be diffcult to channel a specifc message to the audience, and the hope is that listeners will use the music to create their own narratives, but sometimes themes can be gleaned from the tones and substance of a record. Kokomo have been an establish force on the post-rock scene for a number of years now and have always embraced heavier elements, but with their newest release Totem Youth the band have composed their most intense record to date, a grave refection of the world that faces uswhen we gaze out the window.

JAGUWAR (tapete records / Germany)
FFO: Ride, The Cure, Sonic Youth

Jaguwar began life as a trio, formed in Berlin by Oyèmi and Lemmy in 2012. Their drummer Chris signed up in 2014 to complete the current line-up. Thus far they have released two EPs on the US label Prospect Records and have played countless shows in the UK, Denmark, France, Serbia, Germany and beyond. They have shared the stage with acts like We were promised Jetpacks, Japandroids, The Megaphonic Thrift, resulting in many happy faces and ringing ears.

Loipe (Germany)
FFO: ISIS the Band, Cult of Luna, Omega Massif

Inspired by bands like Pelican, Russian Circles, Radare and Omega Massif, Loipe have become an asset in Berlin’s doom/sludge/stoner scene since their founding in 2011.
„Loipe“ is the German word for the trails used by cross-country skiers. That’s how Loipe’s music feels like: like being alone amidst majestic mountains and rough weather.
split EP with post-sludge band Ryvulet (2016) as well as the album K?T?B?TIKOS (2017). The band has opened shows for Kasan, Jakob and Maybeshewill.

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