Thursday | 24.01.19  
Past Show
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21:00   (Door 20:00)
Arkaoda | Karl-Marx-Platz 16-18, 12043
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August In 2017, Berlin based DJ/Musician,Taishi Nagasaka (ex-Fat White Family,DJ ONONiiONIONIION/Cozmik Onion Express,) wrote some songs for Fat White Family, which were not used for the band. But Taishi really liked the tracks and didnt want to waste them, so he invited his friend, Max Bauer from Isolation Berlin to make more tracks to start shows. Taishi invited his friends to form a band for Drums and Bass, started to play shows Dec 2017 in Denim. The music is based on Japanese old pop songs from 60-80s, and Taishi put unique lyrics in Japanese about the struggle in life, very moody, punk, garage, psychdelic and old J-Pop. The current Member are a Japanese piano player Miho on Vo, Drums, and Mike (from Heiners Bar) on Bass, Diego Ferr (BC 35-Martin Bisi’s band) i on Guitar and Key.

Coming from different musical backgrounds, Ryl discovered that the new wave Garage Music a? la FIDALR, Bass Drum Of Death, Ty Segall, The Orwells, etc. is the perfect mixture for everyone in the band. Still with their evergreen idols in their heads – ranging from old german Punk like The Shocks, legends like Ramones to stadium Rock like Foo Fighters – this band distills it down to a catchy melody, energy driven guitars, a crispy bass and drums that pound like a freight train.
After finding together in 2015 they self-recorded and —released their first EP No Milk, No Fun in June 2016. Sold on self painted CD’s it doesn’t promise anything it can’t deliver: raw, energetic and still catchy six songs.
In 2018 they released their four track EP Skeletons (tape, Rood Woof Records) in March and another four tracks on the split LP Cape

Carnage (vinyl, Rood Woof Records) with the Berlin Garage/Psych Rock Band Father Midnight in July.
Their energy driven live performance got them to support bands like Oh Sees, White Fang and Frankie and the Witchfingers.