Friday | 17.05.19  
Past Show
Show Time
20:00   (Door 19:00)
DJs | Fun | Indie
Das Gift | Donaustraße 119, 12043 Berlin, Germany
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Joel Thomas, a frequent Schmutz collaborator, will be showing his photography for the first time in Berlin and what better reason to grab some beers and bop to some good music.

Joel will be showing all night in Das Giftraum with a live performance by indi and the Schmutz lads providing the after party tunes out front in Das Gift.

Joel exhibition: 19h to end
indi live performance: 20h to 21h
Schmutz deejays: 21h to end

Photography works by Joel Thomas: The Berlin-based photographer is launching for business. He works with 35mm film and digitally in order to capture the dissonance between internal and external perceptions of reality. The gallery will feature his works and he’ll even have prints and shirts for you to buy.

indi: “A transdimensional doorway which sly fairies have left slightly ajar for anyone to enter.”
Indi moved to Berlin last year after completing Red Bull Music Academy and signing off as co-writer in New Zealand’s Doprah. She internationally released her debut album ‘Precipice’ last year via Flying Nun Records. Her fantasy/alt. pop soundscapes will immerse you in intimate ethereality.

Schmutz deejays: Das Gift regulars, DJ Dicksaft & Alles Komplett, will be closing the night out, spinning an ungodly mix of outlaw garage smashers, lollipop post-punk, and Celine Dion.