Monday | 03.02.20  
Past Show
Show Time
20:00   (Door 18:30)
Lido | Cuvrystraße 7, 10997 Berlin, Germany

It is definitely not easy to showcase a rememberable performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. At the yearly european tv event you’ll find a number of brightly singing, dazzling, screaming, dancing and yearning artists from all over Europe. The Icelandic trio Hatari, who participated for their country in Israel this year, however did stick in the people’s memory, because their Single „Hatrið mun sigra“ is just as apocalyptic as it is anti-capitalistic and with its sound somewhere between idustrial, pop and goth and definitely stood out from the other songs more and we haven’t even discussed the bands Mad Max-meets-BDSM-Party-Outfits.
Hatari is not a typical ESC-one-hit-wonder, which is proved by their additional output. Their single „Spillingardans“ for example could also be easily liked by a Trent Reznor and their newest release „Klefie / Samed“ is a cooperation with the Palestinian musician Bashar Murad. After a club show in August in Berlin you’ll have another chance to see the trio live in spring 2020.