Thursday | 27.06.19  
Past Show
Show Time
20:30   (Door 20:00)
Barkett | Czeminskistraße 10, 10829 Berlin

H.Soror is difficult to tie up to a certain genre. Previously experienced in a wide range of music styles, they’re creating an unapologetically unique sound on the crossroads of psychedelic rock and free jazz, expanding both with electronic influences. After playing numerous shows throughout Europe and headlining the Vilnius Mama Jazz showcase stage, they described as unusual and self-sufficient creators.

“…plowing a constricted furrow with great effectiveness at the juncture of rock, metal and jazz.” (c)
“..This unusual trio, consisting of one guy on sax and two girls on the rhythm section was formed in 2014 and based in Kiev. H.Soror’s music is widely influenced by their very large musical tastes: from folk and early jazz, through psychedelic 60-70s to doom, progressive and electronic music… which finally sounds a bit like a proto-post no wave band..”