Wednesday | 11.03.20  
Past Show
Show Time
21:30   (Door 17:00)
Folk | Indie | Pop
Ä Bar | Weserstraße 40, 12045 Berlin, Germany

free entrance. we give around a hat.
bar opens 5pm
concerts start 9.30pm sharp
concert curfew 11pm
bar curfew open end

Glassberg & The Disasters (duo)
The songs of US-born Berliner Rachel Glassberg are characterized by sugar-sweet indie-pop melodies wrapped around salty wordplay wrapped around uncomfortably sharp truths, like, I don’t know, a Snickers bar with a razor blade in it? Following tributes to cult movie “The Room” and Sven the Berghain bouncer, the band released debut album This Was Inevitable, a nine-track paean to late capitalism and urban millennial neurosis, on Frankfurt label Lousy Moon last October. They appear now in duo formation with multi-instrumentalist Linnea Mårtensson (Matching Outfits).

Choke On That Biscuit!
What happens when two veterans of the Berlin DIY music scene (Case Van Duzer and Helen “Melon” Terrett) put down their guitars, pick up some analog synths/beat sequencers/sampler gadgets and start ranting and raving about everything from sagging mattresses to capitalist terror? Choke On That Biscuit! invites you to come in and find out. Limited Pre-EP performances, don’t waste time Googling a band this new – catch them live!