Funkhaus proudly presents the second edition of FORUM – a brand new event concept launched April 30th at the iconic Berlin venue.
This time we teamed up with JETZTMUSIK FESTIVAL to present you:

Biosphere LIVE

+ more to be announced

Presented as a platform to facilitate the fusion of seemingly disparate musical practices, FORUM interrogates the boundaries of overly familiar line-up culture by inviting a list of musical innovators with a diverse range of creative methods, united by a shared commitment to exploring the avant-garde. By rejecting the tropes of typical electronic music programming and focusing instead on a fundamental presentation of the music itself, FORUM will serve as an exchange of ideas amongst curious minds.

Each FORUM event will be divided between the iconic Studio 1 and Foyer spaces, with the former hosting immersive live performances throughout the evening, followed by an exciting nighttime programme of DJs in the latter.

with friendly support by Warsteiner, Digital in Berlin & ASK HELMUT