Monday | 25.03.19  
Past Show
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20:00   (Door 19:00)
Schokoladen | Ackerstraße 169, 10115

Spinning stories from threads of post-punk synth and driving guitars,
FAZI is a burst of joy in the solar plexus. Formed in February 2010, the Xi’an-based band turned to Beijing in search of the cultural nourishment that would lead them to record and produce their debut album in 2011, and come into their own with “The Root of Innocence” in 2016. Now signed to indie label Maybe Mars, FAZI have recorded a total of four studio albums and toured China, Europe and the USA.
Psychedelic (live in Berlin, 2017)
“Ninja” (live, 2018)
“Heart of Desire” (2017)
Night Nail
Los Angeles’s post-punk band is now based in Berlin. Dark wave, gothic rock mix with dark romantic elements. 2018 saw the release of their studio album “LA Demons” on legendary dark record label, Cleopatra Records.

Cleo Recs
Premiere of “Little Armenia” on
“Walls Collapse” on
LA Demons 2018 Tour on
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