Fabrizio Paterlini
09.06.2020 Silent Green

Einlass: 19:00 / Beginn: 20:00
VVK: 20€, zzgl. Gebühren

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It is fitting that composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini was born and lives in the ancient northern Italian city of Mantua. A romantic and historically significant centre of musical and artistic excellence, the city’s elegance and cultural depth permeate Paterlini’s exquisite original solo piano compositions. Yet despite Mantua’s unavoidable influence in informing the composer’s work, his cinematic music is far from localized, or even recognizably Italian, instead tapping directly into universal human emotions.

In 2019, he mostly toured around Europe with his “Piano Stories 2019 Tour”, playing several sold outs shows in Madrid, Barcelona, Utrecht, Moscow, Milan and Istanbul, among the others. At year end, he released the first of a three EP series, named “Transitions” which will be played on tour in 2020.