Sunday | 29.03.20  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 21:00)
Acud Macht Neu | Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Sajeta – Art & Music Festival & The University of Nova Gorica | School of Arts (Slovenia) & Slovenian Cultural Centre Berlin present:

Exp.Art: SAJETA Art&Music Festival & MAST project & Grüntaler9



17H: Documentary film by Peter Zach

Beyond Boundaries – The film is an essayistic roadmovie that tours the borders of Central Europe, taking in the people there. Aleš Šteger, a well-known Slovenian poet, wrote the lyrical text accompanying the movie. It’s a philosophical meditation on something we are not far from losing: Europe.

19H: Presentations, Screenings, Performances

Sajeta Art&Music Festival is a festival and a place of encounter for various artistic practices and experiences with music as its central component taking the less trodden paths towards the less known musical worlds and striving to surpass genre-related limitations. The Sajeta stages thus welcome diverse musical genres such as electronic music, jazz, rock, ethno or classical with experimentation and creativity at their core. Janez Leban & Sanja Popov Leban (slo)

the MAST project is developing an applied international Master study module at the intersections of Art, Science and Technology, combining methodologies and practices that intertwine the academic sphere closely with the Culture and Creative Sectors as well as the Social Europe values. A recently issued magazine on solidarity Zé Povinho is going to be presented also during event. pETER Purg (slo)

podcast “podMAST” brings a premiere of over twenty in-depth conversations with relevant voices from the A-S-T realm, recorded across Berlin in January 2020; a collaboration of the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts and Grüntaler9 project space (Berlin)

“Mobile Organs” performance Anja Ibsch / Grüntaler9 project space (Berlin)

»LAIBACH karaoke invites you on stage.« NEESSKA(FEE) Teena Lange (DE) & pETER Purg (SLO)

MAST DJs »Unanimous« A/V concept:
Abiral Khadka (npl) and Vasily Kusmich (ukr)

Unanimous has now turned into something else, something bigger (in concept, at least). It is now an audio/visual representation of the whole MAST module. How it has been operating, what it aims to achieve and how it has journeyed up to this very point. A video montage of clips and pictures from our past MAST meetings, artist interviews, workshops and events with and interesting twist of visual FX. This is going to be projected on a screen behind me and my project partner while we perform a 12-15min long experimental electronic sound piece.
This visual essay is a reflection of MAST and what it stands for. The journey it has been through and what it has learned. We have seen exemplary cases where all the students and teachers share solid moments of cohesion and unanimity, which will be shown in the visual essay. MAST has taught me a lot of things that I am grateful for, so in a way, this will be my chance to express how gratified I am. And we will try our best to display this.


Warrego Valles (SLO)
Producers, DJs, club promoters and queer activists Nina Hudej and NinaBelle are recognized and creative co-creators of the current Ljubljana music scene. Their political charge, activist enthusiasm, the active co-creation of the club scene and the reactions to phenomena in modern society are wrapped in the fabric of their prodigious electronic project Warrego Valles. After last year’s breakthrough Botox debut, the artists have announced the second long-run edition of Save As, and on the creative level they went even higher.

Playful DJs and producers are distinguished by the intense exploration of side runs of club and experimental electronic music, and an immense passion for developing self-expression. In a unique interweaving of sounds and styles, they are balanced with rhythm and melody, with dance beats, experimental games and melodic inserts, they tune the tension and trigger relaxation, and they are pushing for engagement and responsiveness.

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