Thursday | 28.02.19  
Past Show
Show Time
20:00   (Door 19:00)
Schokoladen | Ackerstraße 169, 10115
Berlin Local Band Local Band

Entropy (Shoegaze/Power-Pop/Grunge, HH/BI/MS)
Awes (No-Wave Noise, Bln)

doors 19:00 – show 20:00
danach DJ Aussenborder
presented by Thirsty & Miserable
ENTROPY was started as a bedroom project in late 2016. After years spent disengaged from making music, singer/guitarist Hans suddenly felt the need to once again pile guitars on top of each other, thus creating a mighty something between shoegaze, indie rock and grunge. He was soon joined by Philipp (formerly of NIGHTSLUG and THE NOW-DENIAL), Benjamin (currently also performing and recording as EX-CHAMPION) and Jens (also performing in DER DRAHT), who each contributed their very own influences. This helped shape a sound that is quite unique, neither nostalgic nor desperately of this moment, with a sense of urgency as well as a plethora of huge hooks and riffs to keep the rock action going. If in doubt, this band opts for simplicity and sheer loudness.

AWES was founded in April 2018 by Chris (Soniconoclasm, Ex-Kint) and Sebastian (Leaf Kickers, Kalmäuser, Maw, Ex-Amigo Tropical/Sheets/Ugly Iglu, etc.).